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Industrial Ice Machine
versatile undercounter refrigeration

Looking for Versatile Undercounter Refrigeration? 

No Nonsense Undercounter Refrigeration We all have to deal with emergency lunches and parties either at home or during meetings… these are unavoidable events. So how about investing in the wonderful and useful undercounter refrigerator with built-in ice maker? No matter how many people you need to cater to at the barbecue party, you will never run out of ice and cold water when […]

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May is BBQ

May is National Barbecue Month!

Is your grill ready?  May is National Barbecue Month! It’s that time of year again and although May is Barbecue Month these tips can be used all summer long! Before I tell you all about barbecuing, I want to make sure you know all about our ice makers that approved for out door use! We […]

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New Technology in Ice Making Debut Today!

IceMakers – New Technology  Debut Today! Tired of your ice maker breaking, getting stuck, not enough ice cubes and worst of all no ability to have control over the type of ice cubes being produced? Fear not – scientists have finally met your needs.  Announcing the Ice Cube Tray!! Never fear that you will not […]

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National Drink Wine Day

Did you know today is National Drink Wine Day? We love our wine here at  In fact we celebrate the benefits of wine weekly!  While February 18 is observed annually as National Drink Wine Day, it would be a shame to only celebrate one day a year. Perhaps this day is just a reminder […]

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Cool Features On Hoshizaki Ice Machines That You Probably Don’t Know About

ADVANCED CLEANCYCLE12™ DESIGN Save time and money with a Hoshizaki Ice Maker with CleanCycle 12™. The CleanCycle 12™ design feature in Hoshizaki Flakers and other Ice Makers flush the reservoir and evaporator every 12 hours. This washes away impurities and minerals, producing cleaner ice. This feature ensures cleanliness of the ice maker, leading to less […]

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Why It’s Important to Invest in an Energy Star Refrigerator

We are all accountable to Mother Nature these days and taking care of our environment. It’s important that we start acting like it and take a look at the ENERGY STAR program. More so, governments around the world soon will be instituting laws that demand all of our household appliances and commercial food service equipment […]

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Ice Types for Your Holiday Drinks

Have the coolest party of the holidays with these tips on ice and refrigeration for holiday drinks and baking! Ice Tips Made Easy Do you know how to make the perfect holiday drink to keep your friends, family, and clients happy with ice this holiday season? Nice liquor, or any hard liquor for that matter, […]

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