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The Trophy Box

 The Trophy Box
The Trophy Box- cooler only

You’re not looking for long-term storage solutions, but you do need to get your kill down to safe temperatures.

A Trophy Box is the definitive cooler that takes you from a basic, quick cooling refrigeration unit that gets you through the critical 24-hour period before you can process to a full-service station with bells and whistles that make your cooler a highly functional unit for all of your in-home processing, staging, aging and entertaining needs.

Invite your friends and fellow hunting aficionados ‘round for a couple of cool ones – kept at optimum drinking temperature – while you show off your latest accomplishments, hung with pride in your own, state-of-the-art Trophy Box cooling unit.

The Ultimate Sportsman Box

 The Ultimate Sportsman Box
The Ultimate- cooler/ freezer combo

BigBuck Game Coolers combines the unique benefits of both cooler and freezer units into one, two-compartment box, the first-of-its-kind Ultimate Sportsman Box will completely change how you hunt forever.

You will be the “coolest” hunter around with the very latest in luxury hunting essentials. The industry leading minds here at BigBuck Game Coolers are full of innovative ideas on how to make your hunting experiences more exhilarating and rewarding than ever.

A day of hunting lasts longer when you can bring game home and get your game to storage temperature easily and conveniently, complete many of the processing tasks on-site and get the finished product into the adjacent freezer in the shortest mount of time, or better yet, when the time works for you.

The Grunt

 The Grunt
The Grunt- freezer

The Grunt

As the name implies, The Grunt does all the hard work that a freezer should do. On a big game level. When you think about all the work, money, and time that went into killing a great deer, bear, moose or cat, what you do next may be the difference between saving a few dollars now and saving a lot in the long run!

Bottom line, you need to freeze the animal until you’re ready to prepare it. Whether that’s cooking a feast at your next barbecue party; you’ll be able to move your butchered and cut meat directly into your own, on-site freezer. Or whether you plan to mount it where you’ll see it everyday, such as your living room or office; if your taxidermist has to store your animal for you, it costs a lot over time.

It’s simple math – having your own BigBuck Game Cooler Grunt is the investment worth making.

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