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Large Commercial Ice Maker Machines

Are you a restaurant, hotel, health care facility, pub, school, or office that needs an ice maker machine you can count on?

White’s Warehouse carries an unbeatable selection of name-brand ice machines that make long-lasting ice, and lots of it! The difference between us and the rest of the competition is that we can offer what you need anytime you need it.

If you’re unsure of what type of machine you require, how much it’s going to cost to run and maintain, or need recommendations on what works best for your business, our experts will provide reliable recommendations to help you get it.

We’ve been serving Eastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia for over a decade, and in that time, we’ve built a reputation of providing high-quality machines, honest advice, and expert maintenance and installation to our clientele across the region. When your business or organization depends on ice for chilling food and drinks, White’s is the only name you can trust!

Our Commercial Ice Makers

 Our secret to cooling it better is our inventory of commercial models. When we say we love ice, we mean it. We have a complete inventory of large and small undercounter, stackable, and modular model machines from the world leader in food service equipment, Hoshizaki.

We are proud to be one of a select group of dealers to partner with this industry-leading manufacturer whose 70-year-old name is now synonymous with quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability. Some high-tech features you can find on select Hoshizaki products include:

  • Digital control systems with LED displays
  • Automatic flush systems
  • Self-cleaning mechanisms
  • Energy Star certification for lower utility bills
  • Stylish looks to help your undercounter models blend in
  • Hands-free dispensing
  • Sanitary dispensing to remove impurities

Regardless of what type of machine you need, your budget, or your business’ constraints, White’s will find the right model for you when you need it.

Which type of ice is best for your business?

 At White’s, we firmly believe that not all refrigeration is created equal. That’s why we focus on getting you the right model of ice machine to help you keep things cool. So chill out and let us give you a hand selecting the right model.

  • Flaker: Are you a restaurant looking to display your delicious choice of seafood or keep your colourful salad bar looking fresh and appetizing? Flaker ice is perfect for the restaurant industry, especially when displaying seafood, poultry, or produce.
  • Cubelet: Hoshizaki’s hands-free dispensing, self-cleaning cubelet models are perfect for the healthcare industry because of their sanitary dispensing technology. This classic, long-lasting shape is also ideal for pubs, restaurants, and schools.
  • Top Hat: Stylish and self-contained, top hat models are perfect for restaurants and bars that need to keep drinks cooler for longer without diluting them. These Gourmet machines produce long-lasting ice that also displaces more liquid, increasing your profit margins.
  • Crescent: Need something that’s easily scoopable, packs in tightly to maximize space, and goes great in a cocktail? You’ve found your match. Perfect for bars, hotel lounges and lobbies, and office break rooms.
  • Square: Back to the basics. Square ice is that slow and steady horse that always wins the race. It melts slowly and barely dilutes a drink, making it ideal for pubs, juice bars, and restaurants.

If you’re in need of ice maker machines that are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and reliable, then White’s is Eastern Carolina’s and Southeastern Virginia’s go-to provider of quality, innovative, and dependable Hoshizaki equipment. White’s just cools it better.

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