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Search our inventory of best-selling Hoshizaki and Arctic temp commercial refrigeration machines.  Save money and time with these reliable, durable and energy with these sturdy high efficient top seller  units. Continuous improvements to our products for energy and water consumption reductions result in lower operation cost for our customers!


Your business or residence needs a Hoshizaki Machine !

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If you have been searching for commercial Ice or refrigeration machines, you know there are many brands to choose from.  So why choose Hoshizaki? Hoshizaki has been a leader in this industry since 1947.  Built to the highest standards, Hoshizaki pays attention to the details. Below are a few reasons to buy a Hoshizaki Ice Machine or Refrigeration Product :

  • Hoshizaki Ice Machine produce the hardest and clearest ice on the market.
  • Hoshizaki Ice Machine have a patented self cleaning technology “Clean Cycle” saving you time and money!
  • Hoshizaki  carries Energy Efficient products, saving money on energy bills and good for the environment!
  • Hoshizaki Refrigeration Products now available with Stainless steel interiors for many of our items!

Don’t wait…Purchase your Hoshizaki Ice Machine from Whites Warehouse today!

About Hoshizaki Mission

Hoshizaki America’s corporate mission is to achieve and maintain optimum customer satisfaction, by consistently providing the highest level of quality in the products and services delivered to all customers throughout the western hemisphere; to perpetuate a healthy, viable organization; and to deserve the reputation as an innovative leader from a technological and people standpoint in the commercial kitchen equipment industry.

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