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Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

When your kitchen or business can’t afford anything less than the best, White’s Warehouse stocks custom-made walk-in coolers and freezers that are perfect for the restaurant industry, mortuaries, big-game hunters, and more.  We carry only reliable models that are easy to maintain, assemble, and expand. Our coolers and freezers operate at maximum energy efficiency.

Many of our models are made with poured-in-place urethane, giving your appliance twice the durability of fibreglass panels and greater energy efficiency, not to mention higher temperature stability. Investing in quality appliances from White’s not only gives you a superior product, it reduces your maintenance, energy, and replacement costs in the long run.

Accessories such as heavy-duty doors, deadbolt locks, digital thermometers, temperature alarm systems, and LED lighting units provide unrivalled flexibility to meet the diverse needs of North Caroline’s restaurants, funeral homes, hospitals, and hunting clubs.

We specialize in working with:

  • Restaurants: Walk-in coolers provide a temperature-controlled environment that keeps your food fresh for longer and can stand up to the rigours of even the busiest and most stressful kitchen conditions.
  • Funeral Homes: Our mortuary models are available in 1-9 person body models, and equipped with heavy-duty aluminum or stainless steel trays for better hygiene and accessibility. Our cost-effective models can result in lower funeral home costs.
  • Deer and Game Hunters: When it comes to big game, time is of the essence. Our walk-in coolers can store everything from a buck to an alligator.

White’s Warehouse is the leading company that carries walk-in coolers and freezers in North Carolina. We’ve built our reputation on customizable, durable, and affordable models for the food, funeral, and hunting industries. Contact us today if you’re ready for the best walk-in cooler that will accommodate your business.

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